About The Shop and Owner

This shop has been an idea of the heart for a few years. Battling depression and anxiety as well as having worked for others for a long time made me realize that I wasn’t spending my time the way I felt that I should. I was attracted to the occult since I was a kid, had a family member who introduced me further into the world of it, and have been following, researching, and loving it so much ever since. I’m based in South Texas, and my business is online. My name is Karen Treviño, and I’m your friendly, local shop-owner.
I have seen and heard from others the difficulty of not being able to practice their craft as they would wish, or their spiritual beliefs in a way that makes them happy. Others have said they don’t have access to what they would like or need in order to have a more amplified or boosted way of practicing as they wish, mostly due in part because they live in small pueblos, with little to no access. I’ve never been and never will be out to price gouge anyone. I believe the prices on the shop are affordable, or at least I hope that you all will find them affordable. Feedback is important, and I rely on you all to help me build a good shop.
I know how it feels to be just another order, and it doesn’t feel good. I hate ordering something only to not have the person doing the shipping send me a tracking number. I would wonder where my order is. It would take sometimes weeks for it to come through. Sometimes I would get concerned that it got lost, or stolen on the way. I know how that feels, and I know that it has happened to others. My intention is to communicate with you and let you know what’s going on with your order from start to finish. My agreement with you begins when you browse and select something at my shop.
This shop is something from the heart, where my intention is to become my own boss, while at the same time helping others find what they need, and coordinate with them in order to help them obtain it. I want to cater to the spiritual, religious and occult beliefs and practices of others who wish to bring me their business. I am a no-judgment and no-bs person. My friends know this, and I want to convey that to my potential customer base as well. My genuine desire to help others--even just to bring them a little bit of happiness with a quick purchase of something they wanted--would bring me joy.
I hope you will understand just a little of where I’m coming from. This shop is my baby, a long time in process of becoming, finally brought to fruition and being offered to you from the heart. Because I am only human, please bare with me during communication efforts. I mean to try my best. Come with an open heart and mind. Let’s chat. Let’s discuss your witchy needs, if you have any.
At this time, also please understand my shop is small, but I will attempt to take pre-orders of certain items if there is enough interest in them. Do let me know in the page comments your thoughts. And thanks for reading me!