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Halcyonic Hypaethron

Curse and Hex Breaker Bath Salts

Curse and Hex Breaker Bath Salts

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8 ounces of a special bath salt that will remove and clear negative energy on your person and energy field, to break curses, hexes, jinxes, and other malicious binds that may be on the person.

Use a few spoonfuls in a bath and let the ingredients work their magick.


**Disclaimer: Please don't use if you're pregnant, as one of the ingredients may cause adverse side effects.

Please also don't use if you're allergic to pine or rue, as this does contain essential oils and specific herbs that may cause irritation or other bodily harm to pregnant people. Please be aware that the ingredients in this product may potentially cause things such as anaphylactic shock to people with allergies. Keep product away from people with allergies to pine or rue.

- To test for irritation, always conduct a small patch test on skin, and stop use if discomfort happens. 

- The shop and creator of the bath salts will not be held responsible in any way should you use this product. You are giving your consent upon purchase, and agree that you are aware of this disclaimer and therefore have knowingly purchased it. By purchasing this product, you are releasing the shop and owner of any liability to you or anyone who uses this product. Use at your own discretion.

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