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Halcyonic Hypaethron

Silver Goddess Isis Ritual Knife

Silver Goddess Isis Ritual Knife

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Fixed blade. Stainless steel hunting knife with serpent skin pattern across parts of blade. Comes with plastic base. Knife is heavy, between 2 and 3 pounds + -. Handle of knife is also metal, and handle includes images of 3 females. Hilt has a knob at the end to be used with the base that is included.

Perfect blade for ritual or to set on your altar if needing to incorporate the Triple Goddess, Isis energy, female energy, etc.

Blade Dimensions: 11 inch length from edge of hilt to blade tip ** 1 1/2 inch width at widest point of blade.

Handle: Hilt Width: 4 1/4 inches across at the wings ** 8 inch length from highest point of wing to base of handle.

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